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The VF6c is our most versatile effect. It features an adjustable realistic flame size from 6 inches to 6 feet, and is controlled by 2 channels of DMX. It is great for stage effects, nightclubs, and theme parks. Like the VF2c and the VF8c, the VF6c is designed to be built into scenery, making it great for architectural applications.


The VF6c is available with two interchangeable nozzle tips.  A narrow 20 degree torch flame and wide 70 degree full flame.  The custom bracket included with the VF6c allows you to attach the nozzle head to the face or yoke of many lighting fixtures.

With its wide range of applications, it is the perfect all-around solution for your special effects.

Don't forget ...

to add lights, hoses and nozzle tips to your quote!

vaporflame air and water hose
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