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Our VFE Engine Kit is the perfect solution for creating stunning flame effects.


It is a modular kit made up of a water pump, water tank and air compressor, allowing you to easily set up a VaporFlame system.


It features a California Air Tools compressor built into a sound proof cabinet, ensuring the compressor is only 58 decibels while providing the high-quality performance you need.


The kit includes a 5-gallon water tank and a 10-gallon air tank. Get your VFE Engine Kit today and create the special effects you've been dreaming of.

One VFE unit will power:

2 VF8c 10-foot flame effects


4 VF6c 5-foot flame effects


12 VF2c 2-foot flame effects

Don't forget ...

to add lights, hoses and nozzle tips to your quote!

vaporflame air and water hose
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