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Flame Effects.  
Just add water.

The most realistic fake fire effects for the

entertainment industry

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VaporFlame is the leading manufacturer of realistic fake flames for the entertainment industry. Our patented and innovative technology uses only air and water to create a realistic flame effect, without the use of heat or flammable fluids. This makes our products safe to use and touch. We are ideal for indoor and outdoor productions. Our crew is dedicated to creating special effects that are both visually stunning and safe for all occasions. With our unique technology, you can create the look of real fire without any of the risks. So, if you’re looking to create a realistic flame effect without the worry, VaporFlame has you covered.


Compressed Air


No Heat

Safe to Touch

Fire Effects

At VaporFlame, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to creating realistic fire effects. Our technology allows us to mimic the look of natural flames without compromising on safety. Whether you're creating custom scenic elements, producing a special event, or lighting a film set, our fake fire is the perfect solution for adding a striking element. With VaporFlame, you can trust that your audience will be amazed by the lifelike fire effect, while also ensuring their safety. So why settle for anything less?

We understand that as a producer or designer, you value not only quality but also convenience. That's why our team at VaporFlame is committed to providing top-notch customer service and making sure your experience with our products is seamless. Our fake fire technology is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to easily create the desired fire effect without any hassle. Our fixtures are designed to be low-maintenance and easy to service, ensuring a long working life. Choose VaporFlame for all your fake flame pyrotechnics.

What We Offer

VaporFlame is a special effects manufacturer that focuses on creating the most realistic fire effects available – without the heat, smoke, or expensive fuel.

vaporflame special effects

Just be cool...

Compressed Air & Water

Creating flames with compressed air and water mean no expensive or dangerous fuels. We use regular water for eye-catching effects! This allows you to create memorable experiences in close proximity to guests as well as safe installations in scenic elements without the hassle of traditional smoke effects.  Gone are the days of spilled fog fluid causing slip hazards in you productions or costly haze fluid purchases. Since we use water as our only “fuel", VaporFlame is safe to use close to performers, scenery, event guests, and with most fire alarm systems. We remove the headaches of expensive fire insurance certificates, fire marshal approvals,  and the dangers of open flames.  VaporFlame allows you to focus on the production and not the dangers associated with traditional pyrotechnics.  At VaporFlame, “fire is cool!” 

Safe To Touch

Our patented process is safe and dry, so there is nothing to burn, no smoke in the air, and nothing to collect on your stage.   Performers and scenery can easily move through the flame effects creating new and exciting staging opportunities.


VaporFlame is a small yet innovative special effects manufacturer. We provide personalized service to meet our customers' needs and specialize in custom projects. With our passion and dedication, VaporFlame is sure to create an unforgettable experience. Read more about our recent projects and see what we can do for you.

Easy to Use

VaporFlame is the ideal special effects manufacturer for anyone looking to add an extra wow factor to their production.  Incorporated into scenery or mounted on a lighting truss, our impressive range of special effects products are not only easy to use, but also connect to lighting consoles via DMX 512 protocol, offering tech-savvy users a range of features and functions.

What you'll need...

Air Compressor & Water Pump

VaporFlame Effect Unit

LED Light

The Possibilities Are Endless

vaporflame system


  • How does it work?
    The VaporFlame uses compressed air and water to create a dry vapor plume. The vapor plume is then lit up by an external LED source creating the effect. The vapor created is dry, so it won't get your stage wet and is safe to use near other electronics. Users can adjust the ratio of air to water to create larger fuller effects or smaller thinner flickery effects all from the same unit. All of our units take two channels of DMX - one for air and one for water. Our VaporFlame nozzles feature an internal piston that opens with compressed air. This means that you get instant on/instant off activation of our effects. This also means that our effects don't drip - keeping your space safe and dry! Because we use only compressed air and water, there is no heat or expensive fluids to purchase. This also means that VaporFlame is safe to build into scenery or use around performers.
  • What do I need to create realistic fire effects?
    VaporFlame uses compressed air and water to create a plume of vapor. The plume is lit up by an LED light to create the effect. We have packaged an air compressor and water pump into a road case and call it our VFE, or "engine". This provides the air and water you'll need for your effect in a mobile package. The air and water are carried by our valved air and water hoses. They have a single valved connector which attaches to the VaporFlame unit. You can also use your own air compressor and water source if you have one. We have a bare hose connector that will attach the VaporFlame to your own air and water supply. What you'll need: (The short answer) The VaporFlame effect A source of compressed air & water A hose set to deliver the air and water to the VaporFlame unit A light to light it up A DMX device like a lighting console to control the VaporFlame and the light.
  • How do I set a flame effect up?
    You need to connect the parts of the system to power, connect the light and VaporFlame effect unit to DMX control, and connect the air/water supply to the VaporFlame with hoses. Power everything up Bleed the air from the water line by connecting the bleeder hose and let the water run through to get rid of all the air. Connect the air/water supply to the VaporFlame effect unit with the Air and Water hoses. Position the VaporFlame effect so that the plume is lit by the light Turn on the light and the VaporFlame from the DMX console. Beside to turn on channels 1 AND 2 of the VaporFlame. (Channel 1 controls air and channel 2 controls water.) When you are done, use the air supply to clear the water from your water hose. This keeps everything clean. Connect the water hose to the air supply Connect the bleeder hose to the air/water hose. Run air through the water hose to clear out the water
  • Can I touch the fire effect?
    You sure can! Because we use air and water, there is no heat. You can touch or walk through the plume without and problems. Just a note: If you are very close to the nozzle tip, you may get wet, but at the top of the effect, you can touch the flame without getting wet. Some of our designers use the effect as a wall of flame to walk through to amazing effect!
  • Is this flame effect safe for performers and scenery?
    It is! Because we are using water as our only "fuel", there is no haze fluid or smoke to irritate performer eyes or throat. We have been approved by Actor's Equity reps on several occasions as safe to use around performers. Additionally, there is no risk of burning a performer, or fire hazard, making us a great choice to build into scenery. In fact our specially designed fixture was built with performers and scenery in mind! The nozzle that creates the effect is at the end of a 5-foot hose allowing you to build the flame effect into scenery, or even mount it on a costume to great effect.
  • Will VaporFlame get my stage wet or is it safe around other gear?
    Short answer-No. Long answer- The VaporFlame is designed so that the water is broken down so small that the droplets evaporate instead of collecting on the floor or on other gear. It's actually what makes us unique! The VF8c was designed for The Phoenix Suns preshow. Their requirements were strict that there be no water of any kind on the court. We were happy to help! There are air and water adjustments on the unit. This changes the ration of air to water in the effect. Too much water or not enough air will make the effect plume thicker, but also wetter. We included these controls so that you can adjust the effect for your application or environment. Give us a call if you have questions.
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