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Flame Effects.  
Just add water.

The most realistic fake fire effects for the

entertainment industry

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VaporFlame is the leading manufacturer of realistic fake flames for the stage. Our patented and innovative technology uses only air and water to create a realistic flame effect, without the use of heat or flammable fluids. This makes our products safe to use and touch. We are ideal for indoor and outdoor productions. Our crew is dedicated to creating special effects that are both visually stunning and safe for all occasions. With our unique technology, you can create the look of real fire without any of the risks. So if you’re looking to create a realistic flame effect without the worry, VaporFlame has you covered.


Compressed Air


No Heat

Safe to Touch

What We Offer

VaporFlame is a special effects manufacturer that specializes in creating the most realistic fire effects available – without the heat, smoke or expensive fuel.

Just be cool...

Compressed Air & Water

Creating flames with compressed air and water mean no expensive or dangerous fuels.  We use regular water for eye-catching effects!  Since we use water as our only "fuel" VaporFlame is safe to use close to performers, scenery, and with fire alarm systems.


VaporFlame is a small yet innovative special effects manufacturer. They provide personalized service to meet their customers' needs and specialize in custom projects. With their passion and dedication, VaporFlame is sure to create an unforgettable experience. Read more about their recent projects and see what they can do for you.

Safe To Touch

Our patented process is safe and dry, so there is nothing to burn, no smoke in the air, and nothing to collect on your stage.   Performers and scenery can easily move through the flame effects creating new and exciting staging opportunities. 

Easy to Use

VaporFlame is the ideal special effects manufacturer for anyone looking to add an extra wow factor to their production.  Incorporated into scenery or mounted on a lighting truss, our impressive range of special effects products are not only easy to use, but also connect to lighting consoles via DMX 512 protocol, offering tech-savvy users a range of features and functions.

What you'll need...

Air Compressor & Water Pump

VaporFlame Effect Unit

LED Light

The Possibilities Are Endless



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