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Item Number: vf6b-k

The VF6b is an accessory that attaches to the 7.5" gel frame slot on a  leko or Par turning a standard fixture into a VaporFlame effect fixture.  Color comes from the user's fixture. We've found an amber gel in an old Leko looks great!  Using the fixture on an LED fixture gives you the whole range of colors for your effects.  Narrower spot fixtures tend to create a longer thinner flame, whereas wash fixtures tend to create wider thicker flames.


Using only compressed air and water, the VF6b atomizes the water vapor so that it does not collect on the surrounding area.


Included withe the VF6b are a 10 foot hose and a dongle to connect the fixture to your own compressor and water source (a shop compressor and a shop sink work great!)


The VF6b takes 2 channels of DMX, for individual control of the air and water output.

Adjustment dials allow the user to control the fullness of the flame from the unit.

The VF6b creates a 3-5 foot “flame” using a piston locking nozzle with one of two interchangeable nozzle tips, 70 deg or a 120 deg fan nozzle, and can be mounted at any angle.  With the included adapter, the VF6b can be connected to a standard hose for water and  air compressor for air.





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  • The VF6b's are being hand crafted as we speak! The lead time is estimated to be 2-3 weeks.