Our Story

A scrappy upstart company that has decided to turn water into fire, and have some fun along the way.  VaporFlame is made up of technicians and designers who have worked for the past 20 years on a range of event productions from educational to themeparks, and corporate to cruiseships.  


We enjoy bringing a love for the gig to each project we are involved with, and love a challenge!

The company started when Levi Kaplan was thinking about produce sprayers and came up with the idea of using that technology to create a safe fire product for the stage.  Two years (and lots of water) later VaporFlame Inc. was founded and our patent was filed.  The unit has evolved to be the kind of fixture we ourselves would want on our gigs. Having lived the life where you are recognized by the gigs you do, we have designed features into our systems that we would want to see if we were the end users.  We've included things like valved hoses that keep water from leaking onto the stage, nozzles with internal pistons for instant on and instant off, and  the ability to adjust the air and water on the units.  We know that safety is a major factor, and so we have designed the units to atomize the water droplets so they don’t collect on the other gear or on the stage deck.


We enjoy what we do, and are proud of the work we’ve done. We love to talk about our work, so feel free to drop us a line!

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Levi Kaplan- Owner and CEO

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