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Flame Effect Units

No need to get hot and bothered- Just be cool!

Our Fixtures are the perfect solution for any special effects application. They are ready to install and powered by air and water, meaning there is no need for heat or fuel. Our fixtures can be controlled using DMX, making them versatile and easy to use. Additionally, they are safe to use near performers and scenery, making them a great choice to create a spectacular event.

VF2c 1.png

3-Inch to 3-foot Flame 

2 Channels of DMX Control

1/8 Gal. of Water Per Hour 

35 - 50 psi

VF6c 1.png

5-inch to 5-foot Flame 

2 Channels of DMX Control

1/4 Gal. of Water Per Hour

50-70 psi

VF8c 1.png

10-inch to 10-foot Flame

2 Channels of DMX Control

1/2 Gal of Water Per Hour

90-110 PSI

Add water Make fire!.png
Add water Make fire!2.png
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