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The VFE-L is our powerhouse compressor set and road case that serves as an "Engine" for the VaporFlame system.

  • 28”w x 21”d x 23.5”h

  • 10 Gal Air Compressor

  • 5 Gal Water Tank

  • 16.5 Amps

  • 110 VAC


The VFE-L is our powerful yet portable Engine and is able to run 3-4 VF6b units or a VF8b.


Our full sized engine houses an air compressor, water pump, and a water tank.  Complete with a 5 gal. water tank, and ultra-quiet air compressor, the VFE-L can be located just off stage with its hoses run to the VF effects fixtures, and has enough power to keep your show going for hours.

Fill up the tank, plug it in, and connect it to your VaporFlame units. That's it!


The VFE-L connects to VaporFlame effects units using a single valved connector for both air and water, which keeps air and water leaks out.  


The dimensions of the road case are 28”w x 21”d x 23.5”h and it rolls on 3-inch casters.  

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