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VFb Go-Kit

Add On

The VFb Go-Kit is an add-on solution for our "b" series of fixtures featuring a Blizzard TOURnado IP W-DMX lighting fixture and fits our "b" series fixtures (VF6b/VF8b.) 

The Go Kit Includes:



Adding a Go-Kit to your VaporFlame Fixture means that your VF6b or VF8b unit can be bolted to a Blizzard Lighting TOURnado fixture.  The Go-Kit Add On includes a TOURnado lighting fixture as well as DMX and power cables.  

This provides a combined lighting/effect solution and creates a more secure physical connection between the VaporFlame effect and the lighting fixture.

The Go Kit is a great upgrade for your existing VaporFlame fixtures!

VFb Go Kit

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VFb Go Kit

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