The VF6 is a flame effect that attaches to the standard 7.5 inch gel frame slot on an LED Leko or Par, fixture turning a standard light into a VaporFlame effect fixture.  Our most versatile fixture, the VF6 can create a range of effects from a low 5 inch flame to a 5 foot blaze, and can be mounted at any angle. 


No heat or flammable material makes the VaporFlame safe to use in close proximity to artists, gear, and scenic pieces.  


The VF6 takes 2 channels of DMX, for individual control of the air and water output.  Adjustment dials allow the user to control the fullness of the flame from the unit, creating the most realistic fake flame available.  


Connected to any potable water line and air supply, the VF6 consumes only 1/4th gallon of water per hour and 1 cfm of air. VaporFlame fixtures atomize their vapor plumes so as not to collect on gear or surfaces.  

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