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MEGA Tuff Baby Go-Kit

The Tuff Baby Go-Kit is an all-in-one solution for any of our VaporFlame Fixtures.  This kit features a MEGA Tuff Baby p84 Lighting Fixture, a Truss Clamp and a DMX Turnaround. Add it to your VaporFlame Fixture order and you'll be good to "GO"!

The Tuff Baby Go-Kit Includes:



A Tuff Baby Go-Kit means that your VaporFlame unit arrives with a lighting fixture, clamp and DMX Turnaround from our friends at MEGA.

This provides an all-in-one lighting and effect solution!  Your shiny new VaporFlame VFc can be attached to the face or to the yoke of the MEGA Tuff Baby.  It is an excellent option to light up any of our VaporFlame effects, especially when space is at a premium.

An out of the box solution to fire that is "out of the box"!

VFb Go Kit

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Tuff Baby Go Kit

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